Psalm 16:5

The LORD is the portion of mine inheritance and of my cup: thou maintainest my lot.

God's Warth is Coming... Are You Ready?

You had better listen to the words of Jesus, “Not everyone who says to me Lord, Lord, shall enter, but he that does the will of my father in heaven.” If ye by the Spirit do mortify the deeds of the flesh, ye shall live. If you live after the flesh, you’ll die! The cross does not give us a minor shift or two with regard to a few of our ethical and religious values. The cross radically disrupts the very center and citadel of your life from self to Christ. And if the cross has not done that, YOU’RE NOT A CHRISTIAN! My Friend face it, young rogue, you’re not a Christian until the cross has radically disrupted the very center and citadel of your life! And brought you from a life of commitment to serve self…What are the focal points of the reign of your self? If you’ve gone to the cross in union with Christ, it’s been shattered!"
- Al Martin

Friday, January 17, 2014

Hath not God Chosen the Poor of this World to be Rich in Faith?

So now for the people of Africa - the ones that actually give Malawi its warm heart.

I will Love You, O Lord, My Strength!

The Gospelink AG Center is a beautiful agricultural property reclaimed from the african bush over the last 9 years. With no night pollution, the sky at night is beautiful. The first night there, this was our view:

36 acres of bush have now been converted to farmland.

The property has an excellent water source, bordering giant Lake Malawi. 

The upper picture is of Paul with Douglas, one of the Christian farm hands. The second 2 pictures are actually not on Gospelink property, but about 2 hours up the coast.

The local area is village, so the average family lives in a small brick home.

The villages are surrounded by fields, which gives it a very beautiful atmosphere.

It was rainy season, so lots of rain! These pictures were taken looking across lake Malawi into Mozambique:

The sunsets on the clouds were spectacular paintings of God's creativity!

With rain comes water - and lots of it. 

While some areas are flat, other areas have plenty of terrain!

 Well, That's enough for now, until next time, go with God!